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THEY Produce started in 2006 in Vancouver Canada, when Producer Gina Hole began using her years of experience and connections in photography & film, to produce her own photo shoots, while she was a Photo Rep at her Artists Agency, THEY Representation. Ten years later we have now expanded and merged a passion for Production and Art Buying, so our clients can come to us to source from multiple talented photographers locally, as well find amazing artists for their projects. After sourcing a great photographer and team, we also pride ourselves on producing a mean photo shoot too. All of our projects and budgets are managed with great efficiency, on time and on budget. We work in the multi-faceted industries that require both stills photography as well as moving-images & motion for ad campaigns, stills for commercials, fashion campaigns, lifestyle shoots, editorials, celebrity shoots and for the film & TV gallery industries.

We are the only photo production in Vancouver to offer the entire spectrum of creative services and production, working closely with Ad agencies, networks and in-house marketing teams. We can build a full team for you for any given shoot, or, you can simply book one artist.

As a boutique-size company, we make hands-on personalized production a priority, which makes a difference. Feel free to contact Producer Gina Hole, or Production Coordinator Kelsey Sheppard, anytime to discuss your shoot, and see what great teams we can put together for your project.



Her intense involvement with every job, towards every detail, ensures smooth and economic shoots, and her vast experience in the photography, film, video and commercials industries, allows her to liaise between photographer and client, advertising agency and crew. With the assistance of a strong production team and an active network of industry specialists, “THEY” produce shoots and finds talent for all sizes of jobs and clients, locally and worldwide. Gina lives and works in beautiful Deep Cove, with her SPFX Coordinator husband, kids and furry white barking dog.

THEY Produce is honored to have been interviewed & featured in PRODUCTION PARADISE:

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Kelsey leads the production coordination as well as books and manages an agency of some of the leading artists in Vancouver, Canada. Both our artists and clients can attest to Kelsey being pure sunshine on the end of a phone or email, and is quick to say ‘yes’ to help with any and all details of bookings and production, she is a joy to have on set as well as help run a smooth production. Kelsey also lives in Deep Cove, and Gina and her enjoy taking lunchtime hikes in the woods and opt to eat at their desks or on the go.

A partial list of clients we have enjoyed working with: